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Digital Transformation in the Jewelry Industry

The jewelry industry, synonymous with elegance and precision, is at a crucial crossroads, necessitating an embrace of digital transformation to meet the evolving demands of the market and streamline operational complexities. The Need for Digital Transformation in the Jewelry Industry The landscape of the jewelry industry is changing rapidly, with consumer preferences shifting towards personalized […]

From Inventory to Sales: A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Your Jewelry Business with JEM

The intricate world of jewelry retail demands precision, transparency, and efficiency. In such a high-value industry, every piece of inventory counts, and every customer interaction matters. Managing this balance between inventory accuracy and sales excellence is a task that requires the right tools and strategies. Zerone Hi Tech’s Jewelry Enterprise Management (JEM) ISV Solution, certified […]

AI Driven Stock Analysis and Prediction

AI Driven Stock Analysis and Prediction Abstract The comprehensive stock market analysis application revolutionizes stock prediction by utilizing a diverse range of input sources and advanced modules. Historical stock pricing data, financial statements, economic indicators, financial news, social media tweets, and company annual reports are intelligently gathered to build a robust foundation for accurate predictions. […]

MakinaRocks and 3K Technologies Announce Global Partnership

MakinaRocks and 3K Technologies announce global partnership   SAN JOSE, August 7, 2023 – MakinaRocks, a pioneering leader specializing in AI software for the manufacturing industry, has entered into a strategic partnership with 3K Technologies, a leading smart technology solutions provider headquartered in California. With this alliance, 3K Technologies gains access to cutting-edge tools like Runway, […]