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Microsoft Dynamics

The latest CRM software platforms

Microsoft Dynamics

The latest CRM software platforms

We offer a variety of services to help businesses make the most of their investments in Microsoft solutions. Our services are designed to increase process efficiencies, improve teamwork with custom applications, and streamline day-to-day operations.

Services we offer

We offer the following Microsoft Dynamics services

We have a wealth of expertise in various Microsoft products including Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Microsoft AX (Operations and Talent), and Microsoft Dynamics Navision. We offer a wide range of Microsoft Dynamics services such as consulting, implementation and roll-out, upgrade, development, integration with existing apps, support services, and more.

Consulting & Building Microsoft Solutions

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The outcomes you need are at the centre of everything we do. Through our success experiences, success extensions, and success services, we can help ensure your business vision and technology strategy are working as one to create the right results from the start – and every day after.


We work with a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing, and more.





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Business Central – Solutions of the utmost quality from the most reputable Microsoft Dynamics partner.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the replacement product for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Microsoft Dynamics SL. It is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. For small, medium, and upper mid-sized businesses, D365 BC is an all-inclusive management tool for finances, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, and customer support. It is contemporary and has several AI-powered capabilities. The Microsoft cloud or on-premises implementation of D365 BC are available to customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-inclusive ERP designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

All the services your company requires on a single, intelligent platform.

  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Service Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Basic Consumer Relationship Management
  • Basic Human Resources

Finance – Finance Reduced with Intelligent Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is perfect for mid-sized to big businesses. By integrating and automating your financial processes with Dynamics 365 Finance, you can reduce your worldwide financial complexity and risk. It enables you to use AI to make strategic financial decisions and lowers operating costs. You may use D365 Finance to track performance in real time, forecast results, and make data-driven decisions that will help your business develop.

Your Company Needs Dynamics 365 Finance for

  • Business Accounting
  • Project Management & Accounting
  • Finance Management

Project Management – Use AI-enabled forecasts to enhance project management.

For project-based enterprises, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations provides end-to-end solutions for Sales, Planning, Resourcing, Delivery, and Billing. It assists businesses with effectively managing quoting, pricing, and billing as well as planning projects and allocating resources. It also assists businesses with accurately estimating and tracking project costs and income. You may create, track, and provide project services, with the flexibility to manage straight from the sales stage to invoicing. Your entire team has access to the data and real-time analytics they require to consistently complete projects on time and within budget. You can achieve previously unheard-of levels of productivity, collaboration, and extensibility with embedded Microsoft Project for the web features, seamless Microsoft Teams connection, and the Microsoft Power Platform’s adaptability.

With D365 Project Operations, you can manage quoting, pricing, and billing, assign resources, track project costs and revenues, anticipate resource requirements, and plan and estimate projects. For the duties that are given to them, the resources complete timesheets. Your sales team has the tools necessary to provide a better customer experience, accurately scope projects, and unlock higher profit margins thanks to flexible pricing models that support expense, consumption, and subscription-based work, the ability to prioritise projects with a single management dashboard, plus forecasting and pipeline visibility.

Following are the Benefits

  • Trust Building Through Engagement
  • Opportunity Management
  • Gains from All Projects
  • Cloud-Based Services
  • Enhanced for Growth

Marketing – Innovations in AI-Powered Customer Acquisition

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing automation tool that allows you the ability to manage event planning, surveys, and more in addition to the standard marketing tasks like email marketing, customer journeys, behaviour tracking, and lead scoring.

You may generate and share marketing communications with clients and prospects using D365 for Marketing. Marketing messaging can be improved by analysing the results of the marketing activity. We are able to manage campaigns, build marketing lists, and carry out all other necessary marketing tasks.

Customer Service – Solutions for End user Customer Service Using AI

For businesses to manage the services they offer to clients, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers features and tools. Cases are used to track customer problems, and all communications pertaining to a case are logged. You can formulate queries and direct cases in the appropriate direction. Performance and productivity may be controlled, service-level SLAs can be developed and recorded, and service schedules can be produced.


  • Engagement Across Channels
  • Communities and self-service
  • Agent support
  • integrated knowledge
  • technological intelligence
  • Case Following
  • Including Field Services

Human Resources – Use AI to go beyond traditional human resources

With the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, numerous repetitive procedures for maintaining human resource records can be automated. It performs tasks to encourage recruitment and assists with payroll, budgets, and tax filings. It also creates compensation programmes and benefits administration. It gives you the ability to enhance employee experiences, improve HR initiatives, boost organisational agility, and unearth workforce insights.


  • Integrating LinkedIn Effortlessly
  • Applications & Job Postings Integrated
  • Activated Workforce
  • Excellence-focused Culture
  • Data Analysis with PowerBI and Excel
  • Automatic Suggestions

Field Service – Solution for Automated Field Service Real-time monitoring

Delivering onsite services to client locations is possible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. This consists of sophisticated tools to support a mobile workforce, scheduling, and workflow automation. Via several channels, you can communicate with the customer and keep an overall picture of them. The strong functionality offered by D365 Field Service includes work order administration, scheduling and optimization, asset and equipment management, inventory management, parts, and logistics, and more.


  • Effectively manage your workforce
  • Provide connected and initiative-taking field service
  • Schedule resources automatically
  • Obtain Client Trust
  • Inventory and Asset Management


D365 Business Central | NAV Services – 

Experience Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

3K has a history of completing the largest and most complicated NAV (now D365 Business Central) projects. It has proven functional and technical proficiency across a variety of industries, as well as work process knowledge, and it has built and registered with Microsoft industry-specific solutions for travel, eCommerce, EPC, process manufacturing, and engineer-to-order. Powerful Extensions Cyborg and Pro-Activate have been developed to aid partners and clients in completing quick Business Central and NAV installs by assisting them with setups rather than customizations.

Services for solution implementation and building

  • Business Central requirement analysis, system design and development, technical and functional training, and deployment (end-to-end solution construction, mapping, and implementation)
  • Vertical solutions implementation
  • Pro-Activate, Cyborg, BI tools, Microsoft Flows, PowerApps, and AI tools
  • Reintroducing flawed implementations

.Net Development Services – 

Our skilled software architects, developers, and consultants collaborate with your company to comprehend your goals, showcase the.NET framework’s potential, and construct the system in accordance with those specifications. The following are all.NET services provided by e technologies:

  • Development, maintenance, and improvement of current.NET apps
  • NET for designing and programming
  • Web-based and standalone application.NET migration
  • Conversion of legacy programmes into.NET-based programmes.
  • Creation of applications for the Windows Mobile platform.
  • Services for the development and integration of enterprise applications
  • Implementation of key.NET architecture components.
  • Development, maintenance, and improvement of applications already in use that were created using tools like VB6, VC++, etc.

SharePoint Solutions – 

During the past few years, SharePoint has continued to be the industry’s top platform for creating collaboration solutions. Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server/SharePoint Foundation, 3K assists you in developing solutions for collaboration, intranet/extranet portals, business processes, enterprise content management, and search.

3K has a history of completing numerous large and complicated D365 Customer Engagement projects, with numerous successful implementations. In addition to India, these clients come from a variety of regions. 3K has developed industry-specific solutions for Dealer Management, Healthcare, Professional Services, Field Service, and Real Estate, demonstrating significant functional & technical competence across a variety of industries.

Services for solution implementation and building

  • Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Field Service, PSA, and Talent end-to-end solution building, mapping, and implementation (Requirement study, Prototyping, System design/development, Technical & functional training, Deployment)
  • Configuration, personalization, and role-specific security definitions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Data migration, user education, and third-party product integrations are all included in the solution implementation.
  • Replication of ineffective implementations.

Microsoft Power Platform

Power BI – Data Integration for Business has never been so simple.

  • The most robust data analysis and presentation tool ever created, Power BI integrates data from all your sources, transforms it into actionable information, and presents it in easily understood visual formats. Your data is given life with Power BI, which also makes it simple to interpret and directs your team to information that can be used for action.
  • It enables information sharing between devices and platforms and transforms your data into spectacular images.
  • Graphic user interface to improve on-premises and cloud environments for data analysis.
  • Enhanced dashboards and reporting for team collaboration.

Power Apps – Applications of the highest calibre with Microsoft Power Apps Scalable

A crucial part of the Power Platform, Microsoft Power Apps is a no-code/low-code rapid application development environment that combines services, connectors, and a data platform to let us create new business apps quickly. The Power Apps development environment’s simple drag-and-drop user interface makes it possible for citizen developers to create the applications they need to digitise and automate their business processes. Qualified developers can use its extensible platform to link with external data, apply business logic, build custom connectors, and programmatically interact with data and metadata.

We may create 3 unusual types of applications using Power Apps:

Model-driven apps: When your data is already a part of the underpinning Data flex, you may identify your key data and business processes, model forms, views, and other components, and then leave the Power Apps platform to create the user interface. The user interfaces of all model-driven apps are similar. The resulting apps are responsive.

Canvas apps: When developing a highly customised user experience is your main priority, you make canvas apps. That is comparable to painting a blank canvas. With 300 built-in data source connections at our disposal, launching the app is really simple and quick.

Portals: When we want to allow users from outside our business to login in and engage with the app—creating and seeing data from Data flex—we use Power Apps to build external-facing webpages (CDS).

UI Flow – Robotic Process Automation for Repetitive Tasks

Systems inside organisations can be both contemporary and traditional. Whether your systems are on-premises or in the cloud, you can combine API and UI-based automation on a single platform with UI Flow. Step-by-step operations, such as keyboard strokes, mouse clicks, and data entry, can be recorded and replayed to create intelligent workflows.


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